“Working with an outside producer or media consultant can sometimes be an expensive process, but moving ahead with wrong or inadequate advice can be far more expensive and damaging.”

Phil Cooke – Cooke Media

Whatever you as an organisation are looking to achieve we at Cloak Productions with our wealth of experience can help you. 


We can provide you with a total, holistic, consistent media consultancy service matched specifically to your requirements and your budget. Here are some of the services we can provide:


   Full Production Management services for new or established television broadcasters – taking care of all your production, operational and content needs.

   Taking an organisations’ media outreach to the next level. 

   Upgrading the production quality of existing programmes, or designing an entirely new TV approach from scratch. Or tailoring an existing product        for our (the UK) specific market.

   Finding your USP and enabling this to be presented to the viewers regularly for the best results possible.

   Producing and editing commercial spots, promo videos, intro and outro sequences through to complete programmes.

   Integrating the look, style and theme of your organisation across TV, radio, internet, publishing and print – including developing a UK specific website and other communication tools.

   Helping you become more effective on camera and establish a stronger connection with the audience. Also finding out your strengths and bringing these out more effectively.

   Integrating strategic fund raising, direct response advertising and marketing into the media plan – delivering a sustainable media outreach that fulfils the organisations’ goals and ensure you maximise your potential.

   Bringing in proven experts in direct mail, syndication, marketing etc. as needed and appropriate.

   Advice on commercial products etc. to offer viewers through programmes, internet and letters etc. to tie in  with the overall strategy.

   Independent help, advice and assistance on staffing, team building, technology and all other aspects of running a media organisation.

   Training in Production Techniques. 

   Freelance Producing, Directing and Production Management. 

   Help with understanding issues of compliance, copyright etc. and ensuring that the maximum benefits are gained from the various media outreach opportunities.

   Advice on the best times, channels etc. for your programme.

   Assisting in the establishing and running of a successful and functional UK office – meeting the needs of your database on an ongoing basis and reaching out effectively to other potential supporters.